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In the realm of Corporate Transactions, our attorneys excel in facilitating complex business deals while ensuring legal compliance. Our expertise spans a variety of transactions, including financing, mergers & acquisitions, licensing agreements, and strategic alliances. With a focus on efficiency and precision, we guide clients through every stage of the transaction process, from negotiation to closing.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Angel and Venture Capital Financing

    • Structuring financing arrangements

    • Negotiating terms with investors

    • Drafting investment agreements

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Conducting due diligence

    • Negotiating purchase agreements

    • Facilitating post-merger integration

  • Licensing and Technology Transactions

    • Drafting licensing agreements

    • Advising on intellectual property rights

    • Negotiating technology transfer deals

  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

    • Structuring partnership agreements

    • Negotiating terms of collaboration

    • Resolving conflicts and disputes

  • Debt/Loan Transactions

    • Assisting with loan documentation

    • Negotiating terms with lenders

    • Ensuring compliance with lending regulations

  • Divestitures and Dispositions

    • Advising on asset sales and divestitures

    • Structuring transactions for optimal tax efficiency

    • Drafting sale agreements and related documentation

  • Restructurings and Recapitalizations

    • Assisting with corporate reorganizations

    • Restructuring debt obligations

    • Implementing recapitalization strategies

  • Leveraged Buy-Outs

    • Structuring leveraged buy-out transactions

    • Negotiating financing arrangements

    • Advising on post-acquisition management strategies

  • Sales of Businesses

    • Assisting with sales negotiations

    • Drafting sale agreements and ancillary documents

    • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements


General Corporate Matters

Summary: Our firm serves as trusted advisors to corporate clients, providing comprehensive legal counsel on a wide range of general corporate matters. From startup counseling to ongoing legal support, we work closely with clients to address their business and legal needs effectively.

  • Startup Counseling

    • Structuring business entities

    • Advising on initial financing options

    • Drafting founder agreements

  • Business Formation

    • Assisting with entity selection

    • Drafting formation documents

    • Registering with regulatory authorities

  • Operating Agreements

    • Drafting and negotiating operating agreements

    • Resolving disputes among business owners

    • Amending operating agreements as needed

  • Intellectual Property Agreements

    • Drafting IP assignment agreements

    • Negotiating licensing agreements

    • Protecting intellectual property rights

  • Employment and Consulting Agreements

    • Drafting employment contracts

    • Negotiating terms with employees and consultants

    • Advising on non-compete and confidentiality agreements

  • Stock Option Plans and Documentation

    • Designing stock option plans

    • Drafting option agreements

    • Ensuring compliance with securities laws

  • Commercial Contracts

    • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements

    • Advising on contract disputes and enforcement

    • Reviewing vendor and supplier contracts

  • Structuring of Equity Ownership

    • Advising on equity financing structures

    • Implementing equity incentive plans

    • Resolving disputes among equity holders

  • Corporate Governance

    • Advising on corporate governance best practices

    • Assisting with board and shareholder meetings

    • Ensuring compliance with corporate formalities and regulations

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