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We specialize in providing comprehensive legal support tailored to the unique needs of clients in the Media and Entertainment industry. Our expertise encompasses various facets of the industry, ensuring our clients receive the guidance and protection they need to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

  • Investor Agreements and Fund Formation: Structuring agreements with investors and establishing funds tailored to project requirements.

  • Development and Production Agreements: Drafting and negotiating agreements for the development and production phases of media projects.

  • Structuring Production Entities: Advising on optimal legal structures for production entities, considering liability protection and tax implications.

  • Acquisition Agreements: Navigating the acquisition of rights to intellectual property, ensuring proper documentation and risk mitigation.

  • Screenplay Options: Facilitating agreements between rights holders and producers for screenplay options.

  • Life Story Rights Agreements: Assisting in securing rights to individuals' life stories for adaptation into media formats.

  • Completion Guarantees: Negotiating agreements to provide financial assurance for project completion.

  • Writer, Director, and Producer Agreements: Drafting agreements governing relationships between key stakeholders.

  • Talent and Crew Agreements: Facilitating agreements between production companies and talent.

  • Rights Clearance and Release Agreements: Conducting legal review and clearance of rights associated with creative content.

  • Location Agreements: Assisting in securing agreements for filming locations.

  • Product Placement and Integration Agreements: Negotiating agreements for product placement within media content.

  • Music Licensing: Facilitating licensing of music for media projects.

  • Product Licensing: Assisting in licensing intellectual property for consumer products.

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Providing strategic counsel on intellectual property protection.

  • Post-production Agreements: Drafting agreements for post-production services.

  • Broadcast and Cable Television Licensing and Production Agreements: Negotiating agreements for content licensing and production.

  • Distribution Agreements: Assisting in negotiating distribution agreements across various platforms.

At Mitchell Law Group, we are committed to providing our clients with expert legal guidance and strategic support to help them achieve their goals in the Media and Entertainment industry.

Contact us today for a free consultation: (646) 893-6094

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